The Thailand GameChanger was joined by Saroj Ativitavas, the Founder and CEO at WisibleWisible is a Sales Intelligence Platform that helps businesses drive predictable revenue throughout the customer life cycle by enabling data-driven decision-making. 

Some of the topics that Saroj and I discussed:

  • How graduating from university during the 1997 financial crisis helped shape his views on business and management
  • Working at both AIS and True and how the early days of mobile phone penetration felt like being part of a revolution
  • Helped start one of the earlier Corporate Venture Capital companies in Thailand at True Incube
  • How much the Thai startup ecosystem ahs changed since 2015
  • The benefits of bootstrapping versus venture capital funding and why taking VC money may be overrated
  • What Saroj means by ‘Colonialism In the Digital Age Without Using Force’

Overall, another insightful and differentiated point of view from one of the earliest participants in the Thailand startup ecosystem.

Thailand GameChanger podcast is focused on the driving forces behind the startup ecosystem in Thailand and Southeast Asia, produced by True Digital Park, hosted by Michael Waitze.

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EP 54 - Saroj Ativitavas - Founder and CEO at Wisible - Colonialism In the Digital Age

by Saroj Ativitavas | Thailand GameChanger Podcast