Thailand GameChanger had a killer conversation with Pun (Twwo) Jaruthanassanakul, a Senior Investment Manager at 500 Startups in Thailand.  The 500 Startups Thailand family of funds are focused on promising seed-stage startups in Thailand and the Mekong region (i.e. principally, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam). They aim to empower startup founders with among the best of Silicon Valley’s education, thinking, and talent to provide an advantage in the local market.

Some of the topics that Twwo and I discussed:

  • His initial interest in the Venture Capital world
  • How risk-taking has played a role in his life
  • How working at ImpactTech satisfied some of his need to do well while doing good
  • The 500 Startups investment thesis and how it is particularly relevant to Thailand
  • The three pillars of Venture Capital – Source, Selection, and Service
  • The importance of all of the pillars and what ‘Service’ really means
  • How 500 Startups Thailand selects their investment targets
  • His enjoyment of mentoring startup founders
  • His personal growth as an investor and venture capitalist

Thailand GameChanger is focused on the driving forces behind the startup ecosystem in Thailand and Southeast Asia, produced by True Digital Park, hosted by Michael Waitze.

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EP 51 – Pun (Twwo) Jaruthassanakul – Senior Investment Manager 500 Startups – I Added the Extra W Myself

by Pun (Twwo) Jaruthassanakul | Thailand GameChanger Podcast