Thailand GameChanger was joined by Adrian Stewart, the Chief Strategy Officer at Sokochan.  Sokochan is an integrated e-commerce logistics and technology platform that was born out of the first-hand experiences of the founding team to solve the pain points of e-commerce in Thailand.  Employing open APIs, Sokochan’s central philosophy is connectivity – linking multiple systems to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency and accuracy.

Some of the topics Adrian and I covered:

  • Catching up on our first recording almost 5 years ago
  • Why and how Sokochan was founded
  • What problems the founders experienced building an e-commerce business
  • The opening of the first Sokochan warehouse
  • What is the ‘backend’ of e-commerce?
  • How APIs and software drive frictionless logistics
  • SaaS and SokOMS
  • Sokochan is more than logistics, it is also an ecosystem of services
  • How Sokochan plans to keep growing in the medium to long-term
  • How Adrian has survived and thrived for over two decades in the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem

EP 48 - Adrian Stewart - Chief Strategy Officer at Sokochan - It's Not Just Logistics, Its an Ecosystem of Services

by Adrian Stewart | Thailand GameChanger Podcast