Thailand GameChanger was excited to be joined by Patai Padungtin, the Founder and CEO of Builk One Group.  Starting with in 2009 and through to today, Builk continues to revolutionize all aspects of the construction industry through sustained digital transformation.  Initially starting in Thailand, but now operating throughout Southeast Asia…

Some of the topics we covered:

  • The why and how of Builk’s founding
  • Web 2.0 and how nobody talks about it anymore…:-)
  • Khun Patai’s transformation from a classic SME owner in the construction industry to one of the pioneers of the Southeast Asian startup scene
  • A history lesson – What the Thailand startup ecosystem looked like in its earliest days, 2010 to 2012, the technology that was being used, the existence or lack thereof of co-working spaces, and the prevailing internet speeds
  • The difference and transformation from an early-stage startup to an ongoing concern
  • How Builk has grown and changed since its founding
  • The nuanced differences of operating in neighboring countries – localization is not just translating into another language
  • How Khun Patai has changed and grown as a leader
  • The impact of COVID-19 on his regional business

EP 47 - Patai Padungtin - CEO at Builk One Group - I Changed the Game By Letting Them Use It for Free

by Patai Padungtin | Thailand GameChanger Podcast