Thailand GameChanger was joined by Dr. Warodom Khamphanchai,  a co-Founder and the CEO of AltoTech.  

Dr. Khamphanchai received his Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA. His research interests are home/building energy management systems, Internet of Things, multi-agent systems, machine learning, data analytics, demand response, cyber-physical systems, and power system operation and control.

AltoTech is an early-stage startup based in Bangkok Thailand. AltoTech’s goal is to help over 32,000 hotels in Thailand (and later SEA) use energy more efficiently by employing IoT and Reinforcement Learning algorithms.

Some of the topics we covered included:

  • How a kid from Chiang Rai gets his Ph. D. in Virginia
  • What he learned at the Building Energy Management Lab and Smart Grid Lab at the Advanced Research Institute at Virginia Tech
  • Mentoring students at the Chulalongkorn School of Integrated Innovation
  • Bangkok Climate Change Hackathon at True Digital Park
  • The challenges of building a startup in Thailand
  • What is going to change the game for startups in Thailand

The audio on this episode was expertly edited and produced by the talented Alanis Braun.  You can see her portfolio here and her LinkedIn profile here.

EP 46 - Warodom Khamphanchai, PhD - CEO AltoTech - Making Buildings More Energy Efficient With IoT

by Warodom Khamphanchai, PhD | Thailand GameChanger Podcast