Thailand GameChanger was honored to have Alexandra McKenzie, the Deputy Ambassador at British Embassy Bangkok, join us to discuss Great Britain’s commitment to invest in and support technology companies globally to combat Climate Change.

Alexandra has had an incredibly diverse experience as a British Diplomat, working in Beijing, Paris, Berlin, Singapore, and now Bangkok.  We were impressed with her depth of knowledge and her commitment, illustrated by her participation in and partnership with the Climate Change Hackathon at True Digital Park that took place in November 2020.

Some of the topics we covered included:

  • The mission and goals of the British Embassy in Bangkok
  • The Climate Change Hackathon and the British Embassy’s commitment to this effort
  • How this relates to COP26 (26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties)
  • The state of the Thai startup ecosystem
  • What is going to change the game for SMEs and startups in Thailand

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For more information, please visit the British Council Website.


EP 45 - Alexandra McKenzie - Deputy Ambassador at British Embassy Bangkok - Climate Change, COP26 and the TDPK Hackathon

by Alexandra McKenzie | Thailand GameChanger Podcast