Thailand GameChanger had an inspiring conversation with Nattapat (Kun) Thanesvorakul, the Head of Strategy and Investment at RISE Corporate Innovation Powerhouse.  RISE is not your standard corporate accelerator…it is much more ambitious and more passionate about actually having an impact on GDP growth in Southeast Asia.

Kun is an Aerospace Engineer by training who also received an MBA from MIT, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Finance.  His passion for RISE and for innovation, in general, is palpable in this amazing conversation.

RISE has purposefully built strong relationships with both corporates and government agencies throughout the region to help them become more innovative and successful in a rapidly changing economic environment in which technology is driving unsurpassed disruption.

Topics that we discussed include:

Innovation and how corporates and governments can and should be engaged.

How the RISE team has built regional and global relationships that enable innovation and development at scale.

How RISE’s approach is different from other venture builders.

What are some of the characteristics that make a successful startup team and encourages investors to support them?

What are some of the transformational technologies that interest RISE currently?

EP 44 - Nattapat (Kun) Thanesvorakul - Head, Strategy and Investment at RISE Corporate Innovation Powerhouse - Accelerating Corporate Innovation

by Nattapat (Kun) Thanesvorakul | Thailand GameChanger Podcast