Thailand GameChanger had an amazing and insightful conversation with Chanikarn (Mint) Wongviriyawong, the Founder and CEO of EATLAB and an Assistant Professor in Complex Systems Modeling at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi.  Mint and I share the same philosophy that change is not always bad, particularly when technology empowers the masses as opposed to just a few individuals.

Our discussion started with the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how (like atomic power) can be used for either destructive purposes or constructive purposes.  Mint believes that if you take an ecosystem view on how AI is deployed and implemented, instead of putting people out of work it can actually make humans happier.  EATLAB has started with restaurants and restauranteur…using AI to optimize their inventory, optimize their operations and their menu offerings.

EATLAB has purpose-built cameras that help digitize customer experiences.  They can measure how long customers wait to get the attention of staff, how long it takes for the first plate to arrive, how many people are actually dining, etc.  The initial idea is to map the analysis to the restaurant’s standard operating procedures to measure and hence improve the quality of service.

Mint believes deeply in data security and in particular protecting individuals’ data.  Listen to this entire episode to hear one of the most thoughtful, insightful and intelligent founders I have met.

EP 43 - Chanikarn (Mint) Wongviriyawong - CEO 0f EATLAB - Artificial Intelligence Is Like Atomic Energy

by Chanikarn (Mint) Wongviriyawong | Thailand GameChanger Podcast