The Thailand GameChanger had an inspiring conversation with Parima Petcharapirat, a co-Founder and the Chief Financial Officer at EdVISORY, Thailand’s leading education technology and consulting company.

EdVISORY is a management consulting firm with passionate talents from diverse sectors aiming to connect education to employment through systematic intervention such as designing desired student outcomes, assessing and developing student’s competencies, providing career counseling and life mentoring.

EdVISORY envisions a society where education is tailored for individual students, collaboratively driven by the demand from public and private sectors, and all of the stakeholders are involved.

EdVISORY aims to develop the Thai education system in order to connect and align with economics and society. Moreover, to help students explore, plan, assess, and develop their career path by partnering with all stakeholders.

EP 42 - Parima Petcharapirat - co-Founder and CFO at EdVISORY - How Can Technology Impact the Education System in Thailand

by Parima Petcharapirat | Thailand GameChanger Podcast