In this episode, Michael Waitze speaks to Joseph Jackson Ngo Hong, Managing Director at Bosch Thailand. Joseph has been with his company for over 20 years, and has worked in the Philippines, Germany, Singapore, and now Thailand. He shares how Bosch is the largest automotive supplier, and as such how important the development in the automotive solutions market was to him.

Thailand, as the biggest automotive hub in ASEAN, manufactures over 2 million vehicles a year. Joseph hopes to leverage the strength of the current industry and introduce greater driver assistance solutions in the future. He envisions for the automotive market to be able to achieve full autonomy in the future, even if it might take a whole generation.

With this outlook, Joseph questions whether car ownership would still be a viable option, or would ride-hailing be the go-to standard of transportation? With these questions waiting to be answered, Joseph also shares how Bosch works close and actively with governments to create custom solutions catered to the goals and priorities of the countries themselves. Citing Thailand as an example, with the manufacturing industry built on the current available technology, Bosch would need to work with the governmental and regulatory bodies to find a solution which will be able to improve the standards of manufacturing, such as with improved workflows and processes, but without causing too much disruption and damage to the current market and industry.

Speaking about Bosch’s support for entrepreneurs and start-ups, Joseph shares more about Bosch’s two-pronged approached towards funding and support. Targeted both internally and externally, they encourage competition within the company to come up with the best and most revolutionary ideas, while Robert Bosch Venture Capital scours the external markets to look for budding entrepreneurs with innovative and relatable solutions.

Listen in to this episode of the Thailand GameChanger to learn more about Bosch and how they are supporting innovation and change as a company.

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EP 21 – Joseph Jackson Ngo Hong – MD Bosch Thailand – Always Look Beyond the Country, the Local Market Won’t Be Enough

by Joseph Jackson Ngo Hong | Thailand GameChanger Podcast