In this episode, Michael Waitze spoke to Jianhong Lin, Country Head, Bangkok for the Global Innovation Alliance at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore.  Ngee Ann Polytechnic is an institute of higher learning established in 1963 and is most famous for its business program.  It turns out that Jianhong is a graduate of the institution as well. Back when it was not all the rage, Jianhong was one of the first cohorts to go through the entrepreneurship program at Ngee Ann.

We had a great conversation about how the education landscape has evolved in Singapore.  In the past, the students that had excelled became scholars.  More recently, the entire education landscape has changed, leading to new, multiple peaks of success.  Most recently, one of these new peaks has now become entrepreneurship.  

Jianhong is also a thoughtful, committed, and well-respected leader of the student Global Entrepreneurial Internship Program in Bangkok and many other cities around the world.  The whole concept of the program is to give students the opportunity to get direct and relevant experiences at startups in some of the worlds coolest cities.  Currently, Ngee Ann is running this program in ten cities globally. 

This is not a short program…students are generally exposed to the startups for six to twelve months.  This means they get a real feel for what startup life is like.  While there is no particular city that is most popular, the students reflect that the experience itself is the most important aspect.  In the only 3.5 years that the program has been active, more than 300 students have participated.  The point is for the students to develop a global and entrepreneurial mindset that will continue to flourish after they graduate.

This fascinating conversation covers a lot of ground.  Definitely listen to the entire episode to find out more about how Ngee Ann partners with True Digital Park and other startups in Thailand and the rest of the world.

Thailand GameChanger - Episode 14 - Jianhong Lin - Ngee Ann Polytechnic - Country Head, Bangkok - Global Innovation Alliance

by Jianhong Lin | Thailand GameChanger Podcast