In this episode of Thailand GameChanger, Michael Waitze talks to a young man with great ambition –  to take people to space. James Yenbamroong is the Founder and CEO of mu Space Corp, a company that develops advanced satellite, mobility, and space mission products and services. The company designs and builds digital infrastructure and plans to launch its own advanced satellites. 

mu Space created an important 10 year mission supported by James’ vision to improve life quality on our planet and sustaining the lives of first 100 humans on the moon.

 Additionally, mu Space is looking to open an experience center at True Digital Park, showcasing satellite technology as well as spacesuits!

Listen to James for his background, vision, and his thoughts on sending people to space.

Produced by Leigh Kelson of BeachCity Media during Startup Thailand 2019 at True Digital Park.


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Thailand GameChanger - Episode 10 - James Yenbamroong - Founder & CEO at mu Space - Sustainability of Human Life

by James Yenbamroong | Thailand GameChanger Podcast