I had a great conversation with Geir Z Windsvoll sitting in the studio at True Digital Park.  Geir started out as a computer geek in the late 80’s, jumping into the world of online bulleting boards, swapping floppy disks through snail mail and taking part in the early days of the Amiga demo scene.  This was one of the most honest and insightful recordings I have done.  There is very little Geir has not seen and he does not sugarcoat the inherent difficulties in building something from nothing.

Geir has been founding, advising and angel investing in startups since 2002, one of which was the first and incredibly successful social network in Norway.

Geir is one of the Founding Partners at Santora Nakama, a founder focused venture builder in Bangkok and Singapore.  Santora Nakama has built some of the fastest-growing startups in the region during the last few years.  Currently, Geir is the CEO of one of Santora Nakama’s portfolio companies, Panya Studios, a company that makes interactive streaming video available to the world.

Panya Studios’ first app acquired 2 million organic users in 6 months without any paid marketing, making it the fastest-growing startup in Southeast Asia in 2018.  Geir remains very focused on the future of interactive media and how to build successful innovation labs.

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Thailand GameChanger - Episode 09 - Geir Z Windsvoll - CEO at Panya Studios - It’s Super Easy to be Creative When You Don’t Have a Deadline

by Geir Z Windsvoll | Thailand GameChanger Podcast