In this episode of “Thailand GameChanger”, Michael Waitze has a very great talk with Founder and CEO of QueQ, Rungsun Promprasith. QueQ is a lifestyle application that was initially developed and designed to solve multiple types of time-wasting problems in peoples’ daily lives.

Rungsun took his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in programming. He was employed as a programmer for a few years before he realized he wanted to do something more than just writing software for other people’s projects. In 2013, he established ‘YMMY’, a software development shop that was producing software solutions for third parties.  It was at this time that he also had the time to determine what he really wanted to build.

The first product named QueQ was launched to the market in early 2015. It has been a huge success, getting great feedback and rapidly became popular in Thailand. QueQ also received many awards from many stages such as Prime Minister’s Award
National Startup 2018, SME Startup Awards 2018, and Thailand ICT Award 2015/2016.

Listen to this amazing episode to find out how he started QueQ.  How did he acquire users to make this business work? How did QueQ’s business expand so quickly?  What was the premise around QueQ’s most recent funding round?  With his experience as a successful Thai startup, what is the biggest impact to Thai startups from his perspective…and more.

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Thailand GameChanger Podcast - Episode 05 - Rungsun (Joh) Promprasith - CEO QueQ - Go Global Since the First Day

by Rungsun (Joh) Promprasith | Thailand GameChanger Podcast