In this episode of “Thailand Game Changer” Michael Waitze talks to Investment Manager at 500 TukTuks, Naranpat Thitipattakul. 500 TukTuks is part of a global venture capital seed fund with a network of startup programs headquartered in Silicon Valley and is the most active seed fund in the world. The company focuses on promising Thai Startups in the seed stage and empowering them with the best of Silicon Valley’s education, thinking, and talent to provide an unfair advantage in the local market.

Naranpat’s main role is to handle deal operations, source promising deals, manage global partnerships, provide various support to more than 50 portfolio companies, and connect them to potential investors or clients.

Mrs. Naranpat Thitipattakul graduated with a degree in Accounting and Business Management from Chulalongkorn University. She also studied abroad as an exchange student at the University of Southern California and took an entrepreneurship course there that truly changed her perspective about starting and building companies at scale. After graduating, she competed in the Education Disruption Hackathon arranged by Disrupt Technology Venture with her university engineering friends while she was working as a consultant at PWC.

Naranpat shares her story with Michael on how she found her passion in the startup world and got to work with 500 Startups. Her perspective on how the Thai market impacts the venture capital business and the difficulties Thai founders face. Find out How 500 TukTuks helps and supports startups to create successful companies and build global ecosystems.

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Thailand GameChanger - Episode 01 - Naranpat Thitipattakul - Investment Manager, 500 StartUps - It Taught Me How To Deal With Failure

by Naranpat Thitipattakul | Thailand GameChanger Podcast