Thailand GameChanger waited for months to have Vikram Arunagiri, Managing Director of GulpBKK into the studio.  Somehow, COVID just kept getting in the way.  GulpBKK supplies weddings, corporate functions, festivals, and collectors with all of their bar needs.

Some of the topics that Vikram covered:

  • Going to school in Australia and having to come back to Bangkok
  • How his interest in food led him to study at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Bangkok
  • Trying to apply what he learned at Le Cordon Bleu to a restaurant in a hotel on Soi 11
  • Realizing the bar in the restaurant may have more potential
  • Starting to make his own, custom cocktails
  • How one couple that regularly sat at the bar changed the business focus
  • The story of how the GulpBKK brand got created
  • Team building and inspiring GulpBkk’s culture
  • Training and hiring for post lockdown expansion
  • Is customer experience more important than product?

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EP 66 - Vikram Arunagiri - Managing Director of GulpBKK - It’s Chicken, Not Torture

by Vikram Arunagiri | Thailand GameChanger Podcast