The first time Pat Thitipattakul and I talked was actually the first time we had met.  We had a face-to-face recording session in the studio at True Digital Park.  It was such a great conversation (You can listen to it here.) that we decided to do it again.

Pat had already participated in one Asia InsurTech Podcast‘s recent Facebook Live conversations on Venture Capital Investments during COVID-19, so we thought for this episode of Thailand GameChanger we could cover another interesting topic more specifically, the future of education and EdTech in Thailand and beyond.  This is a topic about which Pat is quite passionate and you can tell from the conversation that she has thought about this a lot.

To be fair, we did talk a little bit about self-quarantining, but it was not the focus of your conversation.  Two things about which both of us agreed was that “Saturday does not feel like Saturday anymore…” and that because nothing can replace ‘human touch’, at some point we will all have to go back to an office at some point.

We spent the remainder of our time discussing the state of education in Thailand and how a focus on technology, critical thinking, and creativity can change the future of education.  One of the other important tenets was giving equal access to quality education, regardless of one’s location or socio-economic status.

Pat’s insights, experiences, and her willingness to share make this conversation super.

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Thailand GameChanger - Episode 37 - Naranpat Thitipattakul - Investment Manager, 500 Startups - Learning Has To Be Fun and Engaging

by Naranpat Thitipattakul | Thailand GameChanger Podcast