In this episode, Michael Waitze speaks to Peter Macquart-Moulin, CEO and Founder at YesMom. a platform created to empower women to be better informed and active in taking care of their health and wellness.

Originally from the defence sector, Peter felt the need to switch things up and do something fresh. During his MBA course, he was greatly influenced by the school to be entrepreneurial. Upon finishing his MBA, Peter admitted the first company he created, focused on DIY videos, started turning around too late. But from these mistakes, he took away valuable lessons that would help him to grow as an entrepreneur.

Thereafter, Peter was hired as an entrepreneur-in-house to cover topics related to parenting. This opened his eyes to a new environment and he quickly realised the focus should be shifted to women’s health instead. Through numerous surveys and extensive research, he narrowed down women’s needs to know and understanding their bodies better.

In the building of the application, Peter shares how he disrupts by being open about taboo topics such as sex, fertility etc. He believes by encouraging users to share their symptoms and problems in a safe environment, it can lead to a change in mindset on how people approach these topics and at the same time allow better communication between women and their Obstetrician or Gynaecologist. Peter relates this to how the relationship between some women and their Obstetrician or Gynaecologist is awkward, even though it is their medical profession.

In more recent times, Peter has skewed slightly towards fertility, as he shares that more women nowadays are trying to get pregnant. As of now, YesMom has launched a service in India where they are able to perform tests and provide recommendations and more through partnerships with laboratories and integration of data into their system. By interlinking data from multiple sources, YesMom is able to paint a clearer picture for its users on their health, fertility, etc.

Listen in to this episode of the Thailand GameChanger to learn more about how YesMom is breaking traditions and changing the way women look at their health and wellness.

This episode’s audio was expertly edited and this episode’s summary was written by Yong Yun Jing.

EP 32 – Peter Macquart-Moulin – YesMom – Women Were Most Interested in Knowing About Their Own Bodies

by Peter Macquart-Moulin | Thailand GameChanger Podcast