In this episode, Michael Waitze speaks to Yuki Hanyu, CEO & Founder at Integriculture. Starting off as a spin-off of a Do-It-Yourself project to cultivate and grow cells into meat, Integriculture now aims to research and develop methods and techniques to improve effectiveness and cost-efficiency of growing meat.

Hanyu shares about how even though these kinds of concepts have been around since the 1990s, there is not yet a way to reduce costs, both monetary and environmentally, enough for the positives to outweigh the negatives. At current standing, to produce a measly half gram of meat, you would need several litres of growth serum, in addition to a wide range of specialised equipment. Hanyu shares that some of the growth serum contains the blood of cattle, making it a nett-loss production. It is as if to create a cow, you would need several other cows.

Despite these challenges, Hanyu believes that there are already viable solutions yet to be tested. He sees the possibility of using non-essential organs or parts of animals in the formulation of the growth serum, or even as much as creating a sustainable growth formula without the use of animal parts.

Hanyu also covers some ethical issues arising from development in this field. As an indirect result from culturing cells, it also proves the ability to grow other organs and tissues. Where this is possible, a rouge entity could also be culturing easily obtained cell samples from any human being. And this raises the ethical dilemma of when this can be considered harassment or similarly.

Listen in to this episode of the Thailand GameChanger to learn more about the impact of meat on our environment, and how Integriculture is developing ways to revolutionise the production of meat.

This episode’s audio was expertly edited and this episode’s summary was written by Yong Yun Jing.

EP 28 – Yuki Hanyu – Integriculture – Basically high school kids growing meat at home

by Yuki Hanyu | Thailand GameChanger Podcast