In this episode, Michael Waitze speaks to Pitcha Chaiwichian, Co-Founder at BetterBox. Stumped by the problem of not being able to conveniently find good, healthy snacks and light meals in the office, Pitcha and his team were inspired to solve this problem. BetterBox was started under the SCG “Zero to One” programme, to this day has been providing a hassle-free way for people to snack healthily in an office environment.

Pitcha shares about his close relationships with his other co-founders, stemming from their shared times in university. He attributes his ability to manage the thin line between friendship and professionalism thanks to these close relationships helping the team to better understand each other and to maintain the team spirit.

In the beginning, BetterBox was simply a physical display where customers could pick and choose their preferred snacks and pay through mobile banking. Pitcha and his team quickly realised that this was not a good way to manage user experience, so they began to focus their efforts on developing a permanent standalone app to complement their services. And as a service practically working off the honour system, it was a better way to keep more aspects of the service under their control.

Pitcha also shares another motivation he had to make snacking healthier. It is well-known that Thailand has no shortage of tasty and flavourful food, but at the same time being a country with the second highest rate of obesity in Southeast Asia. To achieve the goal of making snacking healthier while staying tasty for people all around, BetterBox has made strides to refine and cherry-pick their suppliers and sources.

Finally, Pitcha concludes with his takeaways from his journey at BetterBox, having key fundamentals in place, such as making sure what you are building is what the customer wants. He believes these pointers are not just to prove to investors, but importantly, they are your building blocks to guide your company on the right path.

Listen in to this episode of the Thailand GameChanger to find out how BetterBox is bringing convenience and health to office snacking and find out how BetterBox can improve the work environment and experience for your office.

This episode’s audio was expertly edited and this episode’s summary was written by Yong Yun Jing.

EP 24 – Pitcha Chaiwichian – Co-Founder – BetterBox – Ignore all your ego, just go talk to customers

by Pitcha Chaiwichian | Thailand GameChanger Podcast