In this episode, Michael Waitze speaks to Tommy Mazenc, Investment Manager at True Corporation. Tommy begins by sharing various challenges he faces, such as creating win-win situations when bringing together start-ups and corporations, and making sure to focus on looking for synergies. He shares how True Corporation goes the unconventional route of finding out the pain points of business units before looking for suitable start-ups or solutions. As such, each business unit has their own “Champion” who has worked with start-ups before, and by having them along the process, they are able to greatly assist with technical jargon and whatnot.

Tommy also shares some of the feedback he has received from the start-ups themselves, with some being worried about corporate mentality, but he emphasizes that True Corporation is focused on creating a safe space for them to develop and build their ideas, where he doesn’t just invest and wait for progress, but also actively takes part to reassure the start-ups that they have constant support, and at the same time ensure that nothing is going haywire.

Tommy advises start-ups to set clear goals and work towards them and have solid key performance indicators that will lead to the goals. He stresses that it is also important to constantly review and modify the indicators to make sure it is sustainable and achievable. He is encouraged that the start-ups are beginning to understand beyond Thailand but believes there is not sufficient clarity in the expansion strategy.

Listen in to this episode of the Thailand GameChanger to find out True Corporation helps build solutions by bringing together start-ups and companies with strong synergies, and receive valuable advice on approaching building your business.

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EP 22 – Tommy Mazenc – Investment Manager - True Corporation – It Is Not Necessary to Dominate but to Have a Strong Foothold

by Tommy Mazenc | Thailand GameChanger Podcast