In this episode, Michael Waitze speaks to Ryan Meyer, APAC Director of General Assembly, and Dr. Chonnikarn ‘Fern’ Jira, Head of True Digital Academy to learn more about the exciting new partnership between the two entities to build a platform for education. Starting from humble beginnings working with individuals, General Assembly has since grown to target companies and enterprises, with almost half of Fortune 100 companies on board. Now armed with 8 years of prior experience, General assembly is working with True Digital Academy to bring such education to individuals and companies in Thailand.

Acknowledging the need to build digital capabilities in True Digital Group, with True aiming to become the leading infrastructure provider, Dr. Fern believes talent is key, and needs to be equipped with the right digital skills. With the digital skills gap not just limited to the people within True Group, True Digital Academy looks to expand and contribute to the Thai Economy in the future with reskilling and up-skilling.

Tapping on General Assembly’s vast experience, and True Digital Academy as a budding platform for education, this partnership targets 7 specific areas of development: Data Analytics, Engineering, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Design and User Experience, Cybersecurity and Innovation. Speaking about this, Ryan explains why it is important to build and develop courses with a known or predictable Return Of Investment (ROI), which can be interpreted as the graduates being able to apply acquired skill-sets in their workplace.

While True Digital Academy’s campus within True Digital Park is still under construction, the pair have impressive plans and hopes to make such education accessible and open to anyone in Thailand. By building on the concept of community and sharing of information, they look to change the perception of how courses are “forced” upon employees, by encouraging independent and exciting methods of admissions and learning.

Find out more about how General Assembly and True Digital Academy plans to forge ahead in their partnership and how you yourself could possibly learn and upgrade your skills through their programmes in this episode of Thailand Game Changer.

This episode’s audio was expertly edited and this episode’s summary was written by Yong Yun Jing.

Thailand GameChanger - Episode 16 - Dr. Chonnikarn (Fern) Jira and S. Ryan Meyer - True Digital Academy and General Assembly - I Want To See Our Untapped Potential Realized

by Dr. Chonnikarn (Fern) Jira and S. Ryan Meyer | Thailand GameChanger Podcast