In this episode, Michael Waitze speaks to Michael Currie, CEO and Founder of drone solutions company Fling.

Starting his journey in Asia as the CTO of an E-Learning company, Currie wanted to do more than just developing an idea which he did not have great control over. With writing code and developing software as one of his favourite activities, he wanted to do more than just build someone else’s idea. This was how Fling was conceptualized in 2017, after the idea of making the best use out of the skies, which we have neglected as we continue our daily journeys on roads. Wanting to be a part of building towards a future where all three dimensions of space are effectively used, Currie founded his company.

Starting out as a simple drone delivery service, Fling has now grown into a company which solves problems in infrastructure diagnosis, agriculture yield prediction and more, as they continue to be approached by various industries with bright ideas on how drone technology could maximize efficiency.

At the beginning, Currie admits that there were major obstacles working in a country where he did not even speak the mother tongue. Not being able to take an active role in the management and execution were just some of the troubles that he had to overcome. Being in a competitive industry, where drones are becoming increasingly accessible to the average consumer, Fling must continue providing even more value to retain its competitive edge as a service.

As a company which has matured over time, Currie believes the current market isn’t limited by regulations or restrictions, but by public adoption. Till this day, he still holds the conviction that eventually, we will come to accept drones as easily as how we accepted cars back in the day.

Find out more about how Fling is solving problems and turning the tides on this episode of Thailand Game Changer.

This episode’s audio was expertly edited and this episode’s summary was written by Yong Yun Jing.

Thailand GameChanger - Episode 15 - Michael Currie - CEO at Fling - I Looked Out My Window, There Were Two Birds

by Michael Currie | Thailand GameChanger Podcast