In this episode of “Thailand GameChanger” Michael Waitze talked to the founder of OR’EASE Ben Trangkasombat. OR’EASE is the massage and wellness delivery service in Bangkok trusted by many great companies.

Ben holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Chulalongkorn University. Prior to his current role, he worked for PTT in the oil and gas industry for four years. After spending most of his time working offshore in the wellhead platform in the Gulf of Thailand, Ben decided that this was not the life he was meant to live. He quit his job and planned to do business that would bring him joy, happiness and well being rather than money. He traveled to Morocco without any fixed idea for his business.  While there, he found an organic oil product that can be a very good skincare. He brought the organic oil back to Thailand to promote the Morrocan products. This is how he started his own business which is OR’EASE.

Listen to this inspiring episode to find out how Ben acquired both the clients and therapists while creating the proper balance  for both of them. Find out the reasons his business strategy activation failed at first. What did he learn and how did he resolve it? The importance of image, branding, partners and credit for this business? How will he scale this business? What is his Idea of scale up the quality not the growth? Listen to his perspective on what is going to change the game in Thailand for startups and what is the hardest part as an entrepreneur in Thailand.

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Thailand GameChanger Podcast- Episode 06 - Ben Trangkasombat - OR’EASE - We Don’t Force Growth, We Force the Quality

by Ben Trangkasombat | Thailand GameChanger Podcast | Thailand GameChanger Podcast